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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Wonderful Thing

I don't know if this will continue to grow or not, and I don't know exactly what the protesters want, but there is something fun happening at Ground Zero.

People are protesting Wall Street.

(Art and Struggle, 2011)
They chose this weekend to start it, with mostly everything closed, and now they are calling on all artists to come down and preform as part of the protest.  Delightful.  ;-)  This Policy Geek is all a giggle over it.  Here's the call for artists:

Call on Artists: Preform at #OccupyWallStreet

And here you can watch it going down live.  Not great coverage, but it is live coverage.


or here:

Americans For Political Change

and if you're really into it, and are curious as to how the police are reacting...

NYPD Manhattan Precincts Radio

Just love it. Artists occupying Wall Street. What a great NY type of thing to do.

Here's what I would ask for:
  • Caps on Corporate bonuses
  • Competent oversight on consumer protection via CPA, funded by Congress
  • A capital gains tax
I'll add more throughout the day as I watch live and see what they are asking for...

Lisa Lindo
The Policy Geek

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