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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Endorsing A President: Part Two

Presidential Support
Reports are in. Policy Geeks everywhere have been enjoying the daily feast for the eyes that is Election 2012.  We're even gonna miss it. A little. With the Dec. 12th end of the world deadline looming, Progressives were greatly tickled to see President Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. We've had a living breathing popular President losing his voice in what anyone would call a frenetic and forceful Endorsement tour in support of Obama's second term. When President Carter came out in support of POTUS speaking at the DNC Convention, media consultants got all giggly trying to spin that negative for conservative bloggers. Nonetheless, when it comes to Presidential Endorsements that made 2 for the Obama Team.

Funny that President Bush Senior is mum in the Endorsement department. Other than the infamous elevator Endorsement, the invisible Bush Junior has been completely out of earshot as to what he actually likes about Romney or Ryan. We can only guess that Junior is grateful that Romney gave all of his former advisers new jobs. Presidential Endorsements for Romney more like -2.

College Papers
Luckily, nobody puts media in the corner. The college papers have been aggregated and according to Huffington Post, "college newspaper endorsement editorials reveal overwhelming support for the sitting president's reelection effort. The near-universal theme of the endorsements: Obama has done a decent job amid a harsh economic climate and dispiriting partisan politics and is the better candidate to lead the country toward full-blown recovery." If you want to get geeky about it, you can read some of these endorsements yourself. From The Maneater, to The Crimson White, the collegiate choice for President is unified and crystal clear. 4 More Years for MyBO.

Newspaper Endorsements For Obama
The Anchorage Daily News, Alaska's largest newspaper, has endorsed Barack Obama. The Christian Science Monitor, endorses Obama and adds that the Akron Beacon Journal of Ohio says, “(Obama) has used the levers of government to bolster the economy, investing in education, innovation and health care, understanding the essential role of the public sector in competitiveness."

Florida's Tamp Bay Times endorses Obama and adds Romney, "cannot be trusted to stand up to social conservatives who view overturning Roe vs. Wade as a litmus test for prospective (Supreme Court) justices" North Carolina's Charlotte Observer feels Romney's proposed fiscal plans would be "going the wrong direction." while Colorado's Denver Post says, ""Obama's record of accomplishment under trying circumstances and his blueprint for a second term make him the best pick to move the nation forward."

AllHipHop came out with an Obama Endorsement complete with detailed reasons and links to sources for vetting of facts. Fabulous and shareworthy. The Washington Post calls for a second term for this historic "clear-eyed" President and his visions for the road ahead. In addition to the Los Angeles Times, papers in  New Jersey even came out in support of Obama.

Endorsements on the Conservative Side
With distractions like threatening Big Bird, binding women, and Paul Ryan's biceps being photographed for TIME Magazine...

Sorry, what were we saying? Got distracted for a moment. Anyway, the GOP Endorsements are a treat. What do you say about someone you don't like to make them seem palatable? Publications in Texas, New Hampshire and Ohio endorsed Romney with a tepid hand, your grandmother-set-you-up-on-a-blind-date kind of way.

Minority Votes
Well, Romney tried a last minute very dark spray tan which didn't do much toward getting him the Latino vote. In fact, when it comes to that demographic, Obama seems to have made hay of the day as well. Highbrow reports: "Governor Romney has been effectively swept under the proverbial rug."
La Opinion reports: "There is no clearer choice for Hispanic voters than to re-elect President Barack Obama" while La Voz del Pueblo uses its reach to print: “Being Republican is synonymous with being anti-Hispanic.” New Pittsburgh Courier jumps in with: “Obama is fighting for the middle-class…where the vast majority of Black people are.” The Washington Afro American says: “His (Obama's) healthcare reform was the signature accomplishment of his administration”

Foreign Policy
The Plain-Dealer wrote, “Obama has shown that he favors engagement over bluster, and practical solutions over easy bromides. That’s what the country needs.” The Detroit Free Press declared, “Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall have the nation’s geopolitical fortunes improved so markedly.” Even the Beirut Times has come out for Obama with Editor Mona Smith explaining they were "endorsing President Obama for his economic plan."

All in all, HuffPost reports that Obama is slightly ahead of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in swing state newspaper endorsements.

So that's the wrap up on Endorsements for now. There are plenty of complete endorsements lists, so remember, Google is your friend.

Happy Geeking.  Have a wonderful Election Day 2012.

The Policy Geek

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