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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Countdown To Syria 2013

(Love  and Peace From The Fire, 2012)
For whatever it is worth, for all our friends who believe in energy, let's take a moment, and send all the mojo we can to POTUS.

Syria, chemical gas, people dying by the thousands...this is such a big issue.

More people will die in Syria no matter what we do, really.

May President Obama be guided to the kindest choice. May we move forward down the softest path. May the hand of destiny touch lightly upon this time.

(Timeless Wisdom, 2013)

There is most likely no perfect outcome.

Let's pray or meditate or send good thoughts
(atheists, just take a break and drink a beer).

Focus is required.

Sending The Gift Of Intuition
beams of white light, 
soothing seething beams of white light to the people in Syria,
to the families in refugee camps, 
to our President who is hopefully doing every thing he can in his search for guidance.

Our world needs us to make the right move here. Even if that turns out to be no move.

Let's tread lightly and give some thought to that big stick.

The Policy Geek

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