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Sunday, September 7, 2014

It’s All About That Base: Each One, Reach One

How Do We Fight Back Against The Kochs’ Money?
This November, like most midterms, represents a turning point in the direction our country will go for the next two years or more. This time, we are fighting an ideology as reckless and short-sighted as any we’ve ever seen.

This time the issues at stake are enormous, as more and more misinformation leaks into the conservative base, and more and more voters disengage from the noisy din where nothing gets done. The less they know, the more they think they know, the more dangerous these uninformed voters can be. They tend to elect Rove/Koch party line misguided Republicans.

The crop of radical clowns they’ve got lined up to join Congress this year as members of the Republican Caucus have been saying things that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. That is, unless you’ve already heard this mess, in which case, we can only assume you haven’t been sleeping well as it is.

What Are The Messages The Koch’s Want Us To Believe

“Women Shouldn’t Swear”

“Overturning Citizen’s United Will Eliminate Free Speech”

“Climate Science Is A Hoax”

“The Minimum Wage is Evil”

“Entitlements Are Something One Can Apply For, But Not You”

“The Deficit Has Quadrupled Under A Democrat”

“Obama Hates White People”

“Obama Hates America”

“Obama Conspires To Increase The Immigration Rate”

“Obama Has Taken More Vacation Than Any Other President”

“Progressives Are Evil”

“Liberals Are Communists”

“Women Are Always Responsible For Being Raped”

“Women Should Make Less Than Men”

“The United States Is A Christian Country”

“Obamacare Is A Government Take Over”

“They Want To Take All Our Guns, Just Like Hitler Did”

“The Refugees At The Border Have Ebola”

“ISIS Is Coming To Attack Our Oil Through Texas”

“Education Is Evil”

“Gays Want To Behead Christians”

“99% Of Mass Shooters Are Democrats”

“Autism And Dementia Are God’s Punishment For Abortion/LGBT Rights”

“Public Schools Should Teach Students That Humans And Dinosaurs Lived Together”

“Unions Must Be Outlawed”

“Cap And Trade Is Evil”

“It’s Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve”

“Abortion Is Killing”

Do we need to go on? No. 
Now you think all that came from Tea Party radio hosts, don't you? You think Rush Limbaugh maybe.... Um, sorry, those are the actual platforms for republican 2014 congressional candidates.

Those nuttier-than-a-fruitcake phrases up above are what they actually say at stump speeches; this is what they are choosing to run on during these midterm elections. Real live candidates wearing buttons with elephants on them say these things.

Why? Because obviously they have no real complaint against the sitting President. No real issues to rail against. Nothing based on facts. If they did, they would surely use that as their rallying cry. But they don’t. So we have to listen to all of this nonsense, nonsense designed to activate their red base with red meat. Garbage in, garbage out.

You can’t be anti everything, you have to stand FOR something. You have to have ideas of your own. That’s how the GOP became the party of “No,” the party of gridlock, the party of obstructionism. They are the reason our Congress is broken, which is keeping our government broken.

What Can We Do About It
Vote. Really. Vote. I mean it. And make sure you bring someone with you. Or this kind of stuff will be minted on our coins.

It will be a slow change to turn this Congress around, and get them back on the road to true progress, making way for America to possibly lead once again in the areas of science and knowledge. But you, you can be the trim tab, you can make the difference. Don’t let them make you believe you can’t. Don’t let those conservative talking head whackos enter your consciousness.

You have time. Almost two months. A little less. You have to sit yourself down, and think of someone you know who doesn’t plan on voting this year. And you need to convince them to vote. Pick them up the day of, maybe get some coffee after, but get them to the polls. We have more Democrats in the U.S. than Republicans, so the more people that vote, the better chance the Democrats have of winning. We just have to show up.

Each One, Reach One. Everyone Bring One.

Do You Have Your One?

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