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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Once Upon A Time…. A Word on Love and Marriage

Why has there been such a concentrated interest in who LGBT people love?

Let’s be honest. Marriage was around a long time before the bible was. And being gay, that was around a long time before the bible was, too. That’s why the good book should never be considered an instruction guide as to who to love, or how to love.

No rules, no laws, nothing should stand in the way of who you love. No wicked witch with an apple, no father with a shotgun, and no dragon in the tower. Love is hard enough as it is, to find, to maintain, to foster, to keep alive. It’s at the same time rare, and necessary for the soul. When for some reason, god, or luck, or fate, you can suddenly feel your heart skip a beat, tickle your chest and your tummy, and give you goosebumps, you become one of the luckiest people on earth. Love is all there is. Love is grand. Love can cure the world.

It’s horrible and sad and unethical to take away basic human rights from anyone in the U.S. But try and tell that to the Christian Right who perceives disenfranchisement coming at them from all directions. It must be very difficult for them to see one court decision after another calling things in favor of marriage equality.

What we are saying is that the right to love and marry is a basic human right, always has been, should never have been controlled by an apparent majority vote of religious centric folk, and thank god the tide has turned. Its embarrassing and historically something many of us will have to explain to our grandchildren in the future, a time when acceptance was not the norm, and loving thy neighbor was all but forgotten.

It is in fact no one’s business who a person loves. It’s no one’s business who a person marries. Except, of course, the wedding guest list.

When did states begin to decide who you marry in the U.S.? Bush started this useless debate to distract the public from what he was really doing as President. And those who were told that their religion agreed ate it hook, line and sinker.

There are so many beliefs in so many different religions, but no one in the U.S. has passed a law saying I have to cover myself with a veil or pray 6 times a day. At least not yet. So why does the GOP still think that fomented religious beliefs in Adam and Eve, instead of Adam and Steve, are the one true path to salvation?

No one should be robbed of the happily-ever-after endings we are all promised from our story books as children. We are all taught, every single one of us, as we lay down to sleep and listen to fairy tales from our parents, that true love is the goal. Even if you came from a horribly broken home, movies teach the same truism. Placing boundaries on who that true love can be just feels wrong. I don’t want to be told who I can, and can not, love. Do you?

No one has passed a law saying I have to fast on certain days and atone for my sins on others. No one has passed a law that I must rest on Saturday or Sunday. Cows are not considered sacred and allowed to roam the streets in the U.S. All these other instructional books from religious organizations aren’t allowed to slide over into political and national laws in the U.S. Why should the beliefs of SOME U.S. citizens be imposed on others when it comes to love and marriage and a woman’s right to choose.

These antiabortion activists, and equality in marriage deniers have generated our generation’s version of Jim Crow laws, and it continues to be wrong on EVERY level. Humans have basic rights. Food, shelter, clothing, love. How dare the few dictate the basic rights of the many because of some book they believe in? If God created everything, then God created people who are gay. Even flowers change their sex when there are too many of one type in an area. It happens with some animals too. So it is completely natural.

A book, printed on paper from fallen trees, is not natural. Love is natural. Laws that control who you can love are not natural, and are unconstitutional. Over the last six years we’ve been fortunate to sit in the front row watching this type of legislation topple one by one. Many have worked tirelessly to do everything in their power to repeal these hateful laws. Those who supported those restrictive measures , and continue to support them, should be ashamed of themselves, and the way they let their religious beliefs be hijacked by haters.

Luckily, a lot o’ straight folk and gay folk and LGBT folk feel the same way, and did something. There were and are marches and protests, people wrote their Senators or Congressmen, and well appointed judges made some very wise calls. There are still some places that hold on to their phobia with pride, and if the Democrats lose control of judicial appointments, woah be those that are to be judged.

Yesterday, Rachel Maddow reported, As the remaining states must realize, the question isn’t whether equal rights are extended in all 50 states, but when.

If you are in one of those nonequality zones, don’t stay quiet. Write to your local paper. Sign petitions that come your way. Make your own video and send it around, post it on You Tube, and keep expressing your thoughts. Write your vision for a better America in a letter to Obama at Change.Org, or on the white house petition site we often reference, We The People. But please, do something. Help this incredible momentum be a huge step for mankind, instead of an embarrassing step backward for humanity.

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