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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Occassional Repost: Free Advice To The Democrats

A compassionate Policy Geek knows another policy geek when she sees one. Here is an article by our writer/friend Brent Kincaid. Enjoy.

Brent Kincaid

Until November the fifth of this year: 2014, I thought I had a handle on what was happening in the United States Congress. I felt the poor Democrats were being swamped by a bastion of slobbering, neckless inbred baboons from The Old South who, along with their wannabe supporters in the Republican Party, were outnumbered by one member which allowed them to commit treason.

True, it is not regarded as treason by way of the arcane and nearly rationale-free rules of the Congress as it stands today, but only a fool could assimilate a situation in which one party drove the Congress to lock itself up and then lock itself down so that every member was making a salary for literally doing nothing for their pay. That alone cost the taxpayers millions and created a hardship for government workers who were not paid on time. They granted themselves raises, refused to give a break to citizens who wanted something close to the same insurance benefits Congress granted itself, and who would love to have had even half the pension they granted themselves in perpetuity and then denied benefits to veterans that fought to defend our country. It stands to reason many would, and in my paltry opinion, could look upon this as villainous and treasonous malpractice. I felt so sorry for the poor Democrats, and any well-meaning Republican who disagreed with their Tea Party leaders.

I was sure the voters, having seen two years of the stupidest, most unhelpful, non-productive high level shenanigans, and an astounding list of times in which Congress not only did not move in favor of the people it was meant to represent, but instead it moved against them, would cast these bums out on their ears. We also watched Congress vote forty-one times, to reverse the Affordable Care Act, long after it was a law and not a bill before them. They consistently calling it Obamacare and thus confusing the less intellectual of their constituents who couldn’t quite cope with the idea that they were the same thing, thus voted ‘no’ on Obamacare and ‘yes’ for the Affordable Care Act. They were, again, wasting our tax payer money on what was essentially a tantrum on their part. With all that I was sure we were watching the death knell of the not-quite official Tea Party and the Republican control of Congress.

Also, all the numbers were up since Obama took office: unemployment was down, but the rest were up. Any economic indicator you could think of had improved by leaps and bounds. The recession was being reversed. It took eight years for George W. Bush to drive us to the dumper in his SUV with horns on it, and in four years of the Obama administration, that trend had been reversed and our lot was better.

Almost every seat in Congress was up for return or to be filled anew. We had a chance to fix things. We had a change to begin to help everyone in the country achieve The American Dream.

That was before.

Now, I really think I have stepped into some Bizarro World; some alternate universe where logic doesn’t quite exist, where a Saturday Night Live skit has been substituted for American life today.

A decent margin (more than just that one seat) in the House of Representatives, won the election and to my horror, the Senate Republicans won the election. Suddenly, we are threatened with an entire Congress that can act as if it has no requirement to pay the slightest attention to its constituents, but it also has a brand new license to go after the most accomplished president in recent times. The American voters either stayed away from the mid-term elections for reasons of some snit against Obama or because they were lazy, or stupid, or both, and let about one-quarter of the qualified voters decide for them what was going to be law from there on out.

They had heard the warnings that the Republicans were coming after Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office and the potential voters didn’t care. Or they didn’t believe it. Or they weren’t quite bright enough to tell the lies about the danger from the actual danger. They stayed home and, according to some polls, let the over-sixty set decide what to do.

So, now, starting in January, the worst Congress in history has a blank check to loot and maraud at will. They can enact more laws that will drive a bigger wedge between you and your money. They can gerrymander to their twisted heart’s desire. They can move election boundaries around so neighborhoods where they don’t like the people (especially non-white neighborhoods) don’t get to have their vote count as strongly as those of the white, notably Republican constituents.

Was there any focus on tax and resource inequality, reforming the political system, reforming candidate contribution limits, reforming our strange immigration laws, fixing the many, many, many outdated and outright silly traditions within Congress? Not a word of it.

And, now, nobody gets to talk about them because Congress believes it has a mandate from ALL the people (not just the paltry number that voted this time) to carry on raping this country and stuffing the power into the pockets of the very rich, and very wealthy.

Is it any wonder some say GOP stands for Guardians Of Privilege, Gas and Oil Party, Gang Of Patricians, Greedy Old Putzes? Small wonder that I call them Republithugs, Repelicans, Republicrooks and Republithieves, RepubliKKKans and Repugnatants to name a few. It is clear these people have no good ideas for their constituents. It is all about either them or about their financial backers. If they stand against a good idea, they ALWAYS resort to name calling or hiding behind some kind of moral stance derived from a religious book they say they read and understand. They seldom admit it, but they are deriving most of their steam from the Old South Crackers and Good Old Boys that are STILL pissed off that their guy lost the Presidential election…TWICE…and a black guy won.

So, now comes my question and next the advice.

Democrats, WHERE ARE YOU ALL? Why did you let the GOP wander through this election almost without challenge, and why did you say so little? Are you friends with these crooks? Are you afraid to hurt some feelings? They aren’t. They call you everything but human. They don’t respect you and behave as if you don’t exist. So do you.

Is it true what some people say that the Democrats won’t call names and point out the GOP bad behavior because they have an equal amount of their own acceptance of bribes, dark money, and campaign contributions to protect? Are you really what I call you? Dummocraps?

What the hell is going on?

It really is Bizzarro World. These are the most obvious, and proud bunch of carpetbaggers since the post Civil-War Reconstruction era, and you lie back and let them. And some of you make the excuse that you don’t want to be tainted by Obama’s ‘low’ numbers? His numbers are as high or higher than any other lame duck president at this point in his second term and since ALL the other numbers are high, one would think you would have been trotting him out as the number one item in any campaign speech. What wimps! What wussies! Instead of pointing out the numbers that were achieved IN SPITE of opposition from a Congress that was either totally gridlocked, or at least was sitting on its hands, you all fell damn near silent. Did you think your good looks would win you a seat in the next Congress? Well, let me assure you, there ain’t many of you that are all that pretty.

So, here comes my advice. DEMOCRATS: WAKE THE HELL UP!

Before it’s too late.

Brent Kincaid

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