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Saturday, October 29, 2016


With all due respect, sir, where was the ticking clock? I mean I understand, on an episode of 24 or something - when the people need to friggin know or people will be killed, or shot, or something secret will be stolen - that you would have to weigh your options carefully and chose to act swiftly, sir.

I guess what I’m saying is, I'd understand IF there had been some sort of imminent threat against anyone or anything at all that you were aware of that you might have some standing for your actions. If that were the case, you could possibly feel compelled to send a last-minute memo to members of Congress just like the feckless one you sent today. I suppose there are things we the people don’t know, and somehow with that knowledge yourself, with you having been briefed on the situation by your people, you would theoretically feel the urgency of the situation would override the fact that your wording – and the timing – would perfectly tilt the playing field at the last minute of a Presidential election – in your party’s favor. I could see if it meant saving us, saving the world, I get it, sir.

However, we feel perhaps you may have missed some facts and figures in your observably partisan decision-making process, sir.
  • There has been no detailed damage done from any email EVER either 'sent to' or 'received from' Sec. Clinton - let alone during any of the years she was in office. 
  • Sec. Clinton hasn’t been in office in years, therefore, whatever this mythical damage was, if WE THE PEOPLE don’t know about it by now, it must be Classified, or nonexistent right?
  • You obviously chose to send your email to Congress with your little “update” without sending the information using any CLASSIFIED protocol. 
So, sir, without that ticking clock, without that imminent threat, what’s up with your timing? I repeat, why the questionable logic and timing of this memo to Congress today? Many people are saying these were coup tactics and your actions are unprecedented. It would seem anything important enough to break the law by dumping this into the public sphere so close to election day will indeed make history. Because, in absence of any ticking clock, your memo was kind of against the law, I think. It was designed to make you a Partisan hero, a mythical figure. But it was not an act done for the common good. If you really thought you needed to keep Congress up to date, you could have sent the memo as Classified, right? With all due respect, it really is starting to seem, sir, that you have been dangerously reckless with either our elections or Classified material. At the very least, I have to question your competency and, at the very worst, I have to question your intentions.

There are actual threats against our sacred domestic sovereignty. There is a very real threat of another country having committed several serious violations of cyber espionage against John Podesta and the DNC. Are you on that? Because I guarantee you, if they did a poll today, more people would want to see banner headlines telling us exactly what is going down with counter espionage in the cyber world. Tell us who the bad guys are. Tell us how you caught them. Did you catch them yet? I bet Putin would have taken care of anyone who hacked him like we’ve been hacked by now if it had happened to him, sir. Just sayin. Where are we on that? I bet if Hillary were in charge, they would be hunted down, like with Bin Laden. I can’t even imagine what hell would have been unleashed the minute it happened to Trump.

Nonetheless, we would all prefer that over hearing about you basically just combing over all of the Secretary’s correspondence repeatedly for no reason. Her Server still hasn’t been hacked. But Podesta’s emails were. Where’s your memo on that?

Your former First Lady and Secretary of State has been threatened repeatedly by her opponent with suggestions that others do her bodily harm. Where is that investigation? Where are we on that? Where are your updates to the public in the rise of “hate crimes” since Trump mounted the pulpit? That would seem like a real bonified justifiable threat. A rise in “hate crimes.” But you have been silent on the issue. People actually have been attacked and burned nationwide, and quite often in the name of Trump. Are you aware of that? Has your staff made you aware of any of those stories? Or just that they are still on the Weiner’s dick pics case? And then you agreed you could six degrees of separation this bitch and got to it.

Some people are saying that choosing to classify that memo as CLASSIFIED would have easily still soothed your conscience with Congress and preserved the integrity of our elections. Instead, you chose to sway the election, sir. There are those who have already said that isn’t worthy of your office and say you really should think about resigning, NOW. Perhaps you might want to start shredding now because once these investigations get going they have a way of spreading into everyone’s emails.

Perhaps you would like to plead innocent of the long-standing statutes and history of outlawing public statements by an official such as yourself of the kind you made before an election. Surely you must know those actions are going to be questioned and looked into? Well, apparently, yes you do because while you were sending that now historically incompetent email to Republican members of Congress, the Friday before an election, at the same time you messaged your entire staff at the FBI to let them know that you expected it to be misinterpreted.

You had the option of telling those members of Congress that you’d been briefed about something, sure, but you also had an obligation not to yell fire in a crowded theatre when there was no fire. That was more than reckless. That was dangerously reckless. Then your own staffed leaked your internal memo showing you were aware your Congressional memo would be fodder for one political Party, in essence, proving you were aware you were committing legal slander. Very clever legal slander.

You, sir, should be encouraged to step down as the Director of the FBI. The American Public can never trust you now. This is textbook. There was no smoking gun and no lives at risk. There was every reason to know this would be used as kindling to light some torches of feverish hate -  just like your loose lips sideshow at the hearing. We know you are not an idiot, or you wouldn’t be leader of the F.B.I. We know you are not a boob. We know you weigh every single word you say, and when and how you say it. You could have easily sent your “update” in a way that did not create a political bombshell, in the very top secret/classified way we-the-people would expect noninformation like this to go out, but you didn’t, did you, sir?

Where was the ticking clock? Just askin’.

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