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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who Likes Firing People?!!

(Artwithme, 2011)
No one over here and no one we personally know has ever 'liked being able to fire people who provide services to us'. More likely, if you are your basic American citizen, wealthy enough to have people provide services for you (like everybody does) you tend to grow some sort of attachment to that person. Or you know someone's mother who makes friends with her housekeepers and gardeners and dry cleaning people. That's what we do. We say howdy, and 'how ya doin?" and in most neighborhoods we try to put one foot in front of the other every day to make rent, food, clothes for the kids, nights out have become impossible, so when we see each other along the way, we say, "whazzup?" and "howz it been?"  What we really mean is, "did you get that job?" or "do you still have a job?"  And we cringe a little bit inside knowing that chances are, either way, the answer is no.

(RoyaltyFree, James, 2012)
If you've ever been fired, it usually goes like this: surprise, anger, dread, acceptance, and then dread again. It feels so horrible and dehumanizing it can knock some people into deep depression. It's realizing all of your commitments and your bills are in danger of being late. You could lose your home, have to return things you bought lately, maybe even think about selling the car.  Those are the realities that people face when they "lose" their jobs. If you are actually the person to do the firing, well, it's horrible.You have to be a little bit of a sadist to offer to be the guy to do the firing in the first place. Even though it might be true that you like crushing people's lives and destroying their livelihood, announcing that you "like firing people who provide me services" has to be the stupidest phrase ever to be recited by a potential U.S. President, since Cain quoted Pokemon.  How could anyone like firing anyone?  Especially in this depressed job search centric environment we live in today??!  Well, in case you've been under a rock, yesterday Former Governor Willard Romney, who goes by Mitt, publicly declared, on camera  "I Like Being Able To Fire People That Provide Services To Me." Don't ya just love Election 2012?

(New York Magazine, 2011)
In response, New York Magazine asks, "Who Has Mitt Romney Fired, and How Much Did He Like Doing It?"  Admittedly, shortly after taking office as governor of Massachusetts, Romney canned 21 executive-branch press secretaries. To drive the point home, most of the other candidates in the GOP field today are feathering the Ark on which Romney will be leaving us with leaflets and media explaining the candidates image problems with Bain. He had a job, he did take over companies, he did over borrow on those companies, and he did fire most of the people at those companies, and then he did let those companies go bankrupt, after he had sold off the spare parts.  

(Time Magazine, 2011)
With Bain at his back, in the center of a perfectly scripted week where he had stuck to his amber waves of grain pun over and over and over, he goes all improv and just blows it. That's right, in the middle of what should be a JOBS ONLY conversation, Romney, the sure frontrunner who has been seen at at least one event a day giving the same speech everywhere, how he LOVES IOWA or LOVES NEW HAMPSHIRE of LOVES THE PEOPLE HE'S MEETING, he adds, "I Like Being Able To Fire People That Provide Services To Me."  That was yesterday, joy of joys, for anyone wanting to hear something new from Gov. Romney; however his choice of new material couldn't be worse as he comes out with his gem that may very well signal the time his yacht starts circling the drain. Ah...Willard...we knew him well.

That's the tenor of the people. Nationally, and internationally, the people are saying that the only conversation worth having is Job Creation. One of the major messages we've heard after slothing our way through Occupy Wall St, Occupy DC, Occupy Baltimore, Occupy LA (camping literally on the steps of City Hall) and even convening with the people from Occupy Maui at a GA, is that NO LEGISLATION SHOULD PASS THROUGH THE DOORS OF CONGRESS OR MOVE FORWARD IN ANY CHAMBER WITHOUT A SINCERE JOB CREATION COMPONENT.

 (transgriot.blogspot.com, 2012)
When JOB CREATION LEGISLATION AND PROGRAMS, with all the details, is the number one real need most Americans want to see met, where are the solutions? Where are the ones with the potential solutions?

With more jobs, there's more disposable income. People can go out again, buy flowers, and candy, go to movies (Valentine's Day is right around the corner so you see where our minds are.) People can pay for their car insurance, and they can pay tolls and buy gas, and new bras, and get that haircut or buy those new tires. With more jobs, we don't have to be so fearful to just say "hi" to the neighbors who most likely have a story to tell about their kids moving back in.

CSPAN asked 'What Would You Do To Create More Jobs In The U.S.?

Well, let's hear it. What do YOU think we should do?

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