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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When Self Confidence Becomes Narcissism: The Selfie

It's National Hot Dog Day!!
(Phoodie, 2013)
Sometimes things come through the news cycle, and you would rather it fly under or over your radar. And some news items just can't be ignored. Especially when it's the only thing the mainstream outlets can talk about in a 24 hours period. 

Today we would rather have typed about the American phenomenon we call National Hot Dog Day. Eating contests, picnic images. and stuffing our faces summer style.
Hot Diggity Dog!
(Crisproot, 2010)
The Little Prince
(Royal Caller, 2013)

Heck, today, we'd rather talk about pink little toes, and pink little hands, and what will the Prince and Princess call their beautiful new pink baby boy (aka The Prince of Cambridge). But no. On this National Hot Dog Day, the pinkness inserted in our collective memory is far from something to be nationally proud of. And our pink bundle of joy actually has a name already. Carlos Dangerthe sexting twitter handle used by New York Mayorial Candidate Anthony Weiner. No, this announcement is nothing to be proud of. Not in England, not in the U.S., and definitely not in New York.

As you must know by now, Anthony Weiner, who left Congress in disgrace over tweeted crotch shots a couple of years ago, has thrown his hat back in the ring running for Mayor in Manhattan. A beatiful People magazine spread (July 2012) praised his contrition and redemption. Unfortunately, today he announced that, as late as November 2012, he was still throwing a little something else out there, tripping over himself, as it were.

A weiner controversy? Seriously? On National Hot Dog Day??!?!?!?!  This particular hot dog's brilliant wife Huma stood by his side, god bless her. The couple had so much potential. The public can forgive, of course we can. We love comeback kids. But the public hates liars. Political savvy be damned, it was also their timing that just was odd. Today, it should have been about a block party with grilled hot dogs all around. Instead, a very famous Weiner was being grilled, Anthony. And it left us all empty.

Lovin The Selfie? #DangerBoy
(Weiner, 2012)
His baloney has a first name.

Man oh man. You want to love him. His talking points match up. He married up. He was up in the polls. And magically his political theatrics always seemed to err on the side of humanity. Just unfortunate that he chooses to show his loooooove for humanity in a way that he could be ashamed of. There are so many other outlets for that kind of love. But to do it in a way that allows him to be so embarrassed, in a way that so embarrasses his amazing wife (who should leave him), and to embarrass all those progressives that supported him, it just shows poor judgement. Really poor judgement.

Warning, Warning.
(Lost In Space Creed, 2007)
Of course, worst of all, he didn't just get swept away in the moment, he continued the on-line masturbation exercises, let's call it what it is, and then lied about it. Badly. The simplicity with which he lies, is simply too transparent. How effective could he be, moving forward, if he's always bluffing in the buff? (see details available online: he offered to help 22 year old woman get a job in Chicago, apartment, etc.)

We wanted to believe in you, Anthony. But you can't seem to keep it in your pants, sweetie. You're a meme now. Just search 'Carlos Danger' on twitter, and that should help. At least you can bow out knowing you gave us a good laugh.

BREAKING NEWS: New York Times Editorial Board, at this time, 7:10 pm PST, has announced their headline tomorrow will be asking for Mr. Weiner (and Carlos Danger) to drop out of the race.

Hey! Ho! Let's Go!
(Politico, 2012)
Progressives need all the voices they can get going into 2014 and beyond. They need their representatives HONEST, they need them VIRTUOUS, and they need them BRAVE. Most of all, they need politicians intelligent enough to show good judgement in their life choices. What a waste. What a shame.

One step forward, two steps back.

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