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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Is Trump Really Wealthy?

We all know that Trump was born rich. But did you know when his father died, he inherited so much money that he was superrich? Ok, so you probably knew that too. 

Born Rich and Incompetent
Yes, in 1978 Trump was worth $100 million. So he should have been able to bankroll any projects he was involved in all by himself, right? Of course that isn't the point, is it? Trump reminds his crowds regularly that using 'other people's money' is the way to go. So even though he had the money to start any kind of business he could ever dream of, or back up any loan he ever took to do just that, so far six of his hotels and casinos have filed for bankruptcy. 

Trump started a mortgage company once and that crashed 18 months later. It was called Trump Mortgage. He started an airline called Trump Airlines that defaulted on a $245 million loan forcing him to surrender ownership. Like ALL of Trump’s investment opportunities, people walk away burnt, while he gets money for putting his name on it. No seriously, every time you investigate, or ask, you hear the same thing. He even invented a board game called ‘Trump: The Game’ that is so stupid that it’s delivered 60% less sales than projected. He couldn’t even figure out how to market a kids’ game.

His Trump Steaks so underperformed that Newsweek reports the steaks were pulled 2 months after being put up for sale in Sharper Image catalogues. Donald started Trump Vodka, but production was stopped on Trump's vodka because they both lied about their kosher status and also failed to meet distribution requirements.

Trump Magazine was an actual thing and it FAILED in its 2nd year. Trump even had a Travel Website called gotrump.com and it was shut down in a year. How do you fail at a Travel Website??? He tried to go up against 'The Tour de France' with a little something he called 'The Tour de Trump' and he failed. After two years that event took his name off of all marketing materials completely. 

Whatever He Touches Fails
He tried to go up against the NFL with the USFL. He made so many blunders in that area, overpaying players, and insisting the league move their games from fall to spring, that he single-handedly destroyed that league and now they too are nonexistent. 

He created something called The Trump Network, it was a multi-level marketing scheme that he so mismanaged the project closed down after two years. He tried to go up against Pepsi and created Trump Ice (water in a bottle). The only place you can find his water is on his properties but he brags about it like it is somehow a real brand. 

$100 Million x 40 Years Equals
So what did he turn his $100 million into? I mean he started with a bundle, where exactly is he now? Well, we don’t know that yet because he is playing the dance of the seven veils with his tax returns. And depending on how things play out, we may never know. What we do know is this. He isn’t worth billions. We also know that if he had just left his money in mutual funds, and not lifted a finger his whole life, he would be worth billions. So instead, he seems to have spent a lifetime starting companies that have failed, offering investment opportunities where investors lost money, and starting huge projects that have repeatedly gone bankrupt…leaving the employees and subcontractors screwed.  There is nothing about this one man’s credentials that bears merit. Not one thing.

He is Comprised Financially
And worse, much worse, he is indebted to so many foreign based individuals, and hundreds of foreign based businesses, at this point in his businessman career that there is literally not ONE decision he could make in the White House that would not directly affect the amount of money in his pocket or in the pockets of his children. He has been blackballed by United States banks because of his incompetence and so for some time now has had to depend on the kindness of foreign nationals to pay for his lifestyle. And despite that very obvious fact, Donald J. Trump the GOP candidate has made no effort to diversify himself from this predicament at all. 

So, wow, GOP. Great job. We count on you to come up with worthy adversaries. We count on you to elevate the conversation and help run the country. But once again you disappoint. And this time you have let this man - who is financially incapable of leading a scout troop - be in charge of our national conversations of leadership. You let a convicted bigot and hate monger get to the microphone. Shame on you. You can't even use the excuse he is really good at business to justify it either.

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