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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things Trump Said He Never Said

Did You Watch the Debate?
On Monday, September 26, 2016 two American candidates met on stage to debate their worthiness to be President of the United States. It was the first of three head to head match ups scheduled for the contenders this election cycle. News outlets are reporting about 84 million people watched it on television and countless more watched online, so it was big deal.

For those paying close attention to this particular season of all things POTUS, we can tell you blood pressures were raised on both sides of the aisle, stress levels went up nationally, and certainly - for many of those watching - an enormous amount of alcohol was consumed throughout the evening around debate watching campfires worldwide.

Once the dust had settled, the fact-checkers started reporting their findings. Trump had interrupted Hillary Clinton a total of 51 times - mostly interjecting with one word statements like, "wrong" and "not," but sometimes he splurged on extra words giving us a full sentence of interruption, like when he said, "I never said that."

Here's a list of the things Trump said he never said:

1. Global Warming is a Hoax Invented by the Chinese

During the debate Trump said, "I did not - I do not say that."
Actually, Trump first tweeted it in 2012, and since then has repeated it on se
veral occasions, including on Dec. 30, 2015 to a crowd at a rally in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

2. Trump Would Negotiate Down the National Debt of the United States

During the debate Donald blurted out, "Wrong."

In May of 2016, Trump suggested he would try to persuade creditors to accept something less than full payment. Apparently, this is a special skill that Trump has mastered throughout his decades as a prominent businessman - paying less than he actually owes. For most people, that means a credit downgrade, which is probably why no U.S. bank is willing to loan him money anymore.

3. Donald Trump Supported the Invasion of Iraq

While Hillary was speaking Donald bellowed, "Wrong."
On multiple occasions Donald J. Trump said he was for invading Iraq before the war began. Donald expressed support in an interview with Howard Stern. The transcript of the Stern interview shows Stern asking Trump if he favored invading Iraq. Trump replied, “Yeah, I guess so. You know, I wish the first time it was done correctly.” Two years after the war started Trump gave an interview saying he thought we should make sure we grab all the oil while we are there.

4. Donald Trump Would Start a War with Iran

During the debate Donald interjected, "That would not start a war."
At a September campaign event in Florida just before the debate, Trump said, “When they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn’t be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water, OK?”

5. Trump Said Pregnancy is an Inconvenience to Employers

Trump once again interrupted Clinton to say, "I never said that."
In an October 2004 interview with NBC's Dateline, Trump said pregnancy is "a wonderful thing for the woman, it's a wonderful thing for the husband, it's certainly an inconvenience for a business. And whether people want to say that or not, the fact is it is an inconvenience for a person that is running a business."

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