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Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump The Builder

Well, it's that time again. Talking heads talking about who is going to be President of the Free World 24/7. And it goes on for more than a year every four years. It's really unheard of and it's turned the business of running for office into a business in and of itself.

The length must have something to do with the continued celebration of independenting Americans practice once a year on July 4th. It must be in a continued effort to separate Church from State, to separate us from our British past, that we take so damn long to pick a President because the UK process typically lasts no longer than four weeks. Can you imagine?

In the United States, much the way Christmas has jellyfished over into neighboring months, the election of an American President siphons cash from the electorate through "campaign donations" more than 25% of their adult lives. Just sayin'.

This time around we have two frontrunners worth speaking of. Jill Stein thinks cell phones are killing our children, and Gary Johnson doesn't know what LPO is (Aleppo), so it's down to Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump. We don't have time to concentrate on fully vetting them both between now and November, and the world has had a microscope up Hillary's a** for over 25 years, so we figure that side's been well documented.

In an effort to help any friends out within the reach of this keyboard, we have, however, started to "extremely vet" the GOP candidate. And we've started with his only claim to the thrown, his business practices.

Bon appetite.

Donald Trump The Builder

Patriotically yours,

The Policy Geek

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